Whether you’re hosting a party, planning a family reunion or preparing for your upcoming wedding, you’ll want to make sure to get everyone out into the sun! Being outside can definitely bring out the best in people and everyone will be able to obtain a little extra Vitamin D. Of course, there is a major problem associated with being outside. The sun, despite all of its good attributes, can be hot and being outside for too long could result in sun burn. So, if you intend to host your party outside, you’ll want to provide everyone with a little bit of shelter with a solid party tent. And let us have reviewed some of the best party tents for sale just for you!

What should one look for, when attempting to purchase one of these products? Within this guide, you’ll be able to find out!

Party Tents For Sale 10 x 30

Giantex Heavy Duty Gazebo Canopy

As party tents begin to extend long and wide, some of them will weaken and become less stable. This can make the product dangerous and could put your guest in harm’s way.

However, some tents, such as the Giantex Gazebo Canopy, are designed to withstand the wind, while standing up stably no matter how power the guests become. This specific unit provides protection to your guests on all four sides. It includes 8 wall covers, so you’ll be able to keep the sunlight out. Each sidewall is waterproof and capable of providing your guests with UV protection. Whether it is raining cats and dogs or the sun is glaring brightly, you can guarantee your guests will remain happy and comfortable, while underneath the shade provided by the Giantex.

This tent comes with the ropes and stakes needed to stably secure the tent to the ground. The steel framework is incredibly durable and capable of resisting rust and corrosion. So, it’ll withstand the test of time and maintain its beauty throughout the duration. Unlike some of the alternatives, the Giantex 10’ by 30’ Tent is surprisingly easy to setup and disassemble. Another fabulous aspect of this tent is the fact that it can easily accommodate 8’ tables and folding chairs.

Can accommodate plenty of people, tables, and chairs
Surprisingly sturdy for such a large tent
Very stylish and provides plenty of shade
Moderately affordable
Protects from UV rays and is also waterproof
Easy to assemble and disassemble
Comes with stakes and ropes, so it can be secured to the ground

All in all, the Giantex is an excellent party tent for sale, which is more than suitable for almost any occasion. Whether you’re holding a party or planning a wedding, you can guarantee this tent will keep each and every one of your guests happy, dry, and sunburn-free!

Palm Springs 10’ x 30’ White Party Tent

Hosting an outdoor wedding or any outdoor event can be kind of scary, because you have to worry about the weather. Even on the most beautiful day the weather can hinder your event. The heat can cause the guests to tire out and want to go home. However, there is a solution to your problem and that solution is the Palm Springs 10 x 30 White Party Tent. This is truly an amazing product that can transform any outdoor event. Below you will learn more information about this life saving product.

Very affordable product
Steel framework coated with a rust and corrosion resistant powder
Holds up to 50 people
Waterproof material that also block 90% of sun’s UV rays
All hardware comes included with the purchase of this product
Sidewalls are embedded with windows

To start off, once this product is fully assembled, it is capable of holding a maximum of 50 people. It is construed out of white polyethylene material that is not only waterproof, but capable of blocking 90% of the UVRs. It does not matter if it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit out or pouring rain, because the Palm Springs party tent will offer you and your guests a very cool and dry shelter.

Quictent 10’ X 30’ Outdoor Tent Gazebo

An outdoor tent can prove to be a very valuable item, especially if you are celebrating or entertaining during the hot summer months. The Quictent measures in at 10’ X 30’, so you can use it for small and large gatherings. The tent comes with detachable sidewalls and door for remarkable ventilation on humid days. The durable straps and rings ensure a secure and snug fit, which is important on windy days.

Includes 3 detachable sidewalls and 2 doors
Rings and straps secure the roof to the frame
Frame is powder coated for rust resistance protection
The roof is constructed out of polyethylene material
UV protective coverings
Quick and easy assembly process (all assembly parts and hardware included)
Includes stacks and ropes for additional stability

Overall, the Quictent is a very durable and reliable tent that will make the perfect shelter, while keeping you protected from the elements. The assembly is quick and simple, so you will not have to spend hours completing the process. Quictent is an ISO certified brand that only markets quality products that will endure normal wear and tear.

Party Tents For Sale 10 X 20

Outsunny 10’ X 20’ Pop Up Canopy Party Tent

The Outsunny pop up canopy is exactly all you need to provide your guests with a cool and dry shelter. The roof and walls are constructed out of durable polyethylene material that is capable of blocking out 90& of the sun’s UVRs. The assembly process is very easy and only requires around 15-25 minutes, plus it comes with everything you need to use it right out of the box.

Includes 4 detachable windows, 2 sidewalls, and 2 end walls
Velcro attachments to ensure a snug and secure fit
A carrying tote is included in the package
Additional side walls can be purchased separately
Legs have a straight design for more stability
Frame is constructed out of metal and powder coated to prevent corrosion buildup
Height can be adjusted at 3.14” intervals
Ground stacks and valance in included

Upon the purchase of the Outsunny, you will receive all the hardware needed to erect this tent, and you also receive an easy-to-use instruction manual. The tent comes with 2 sidewalls and 2 end walls, with the option of purchasing additional side walls at a later time. The sidewalls have pane windows, which allow light to shine through and superior viewing. All the sidewalls and end walls are attached with Velcro fasteners, which make assembly and removal very easy. They can even be removed to provide an extra airflow through the tent on hot days.

Outsunny Coffee Brown 10’ X 20’ Canopy Party Tent

If you are on the market for a unique party tent that will add eye appeal to your event, you should consider the Outsunny. It is coffee brown in color and has an octagon shape, with a 114” usable space in the center. This is ample room for several long tables and chairs. The roof covering is constructed out of polyethylene material to ensure longevity and 90% UV protection. The frame is designed to offer a quick pop up assembly and fold downs for compact storage.

Frame is steel and powder coated for rust resistant protection
94” center point height
Adjustable height at 3.25” intervals
Includes a durable carrying tote for easier portability
A one-piece valance is also included in the package
Pops up and folds down for compact storage and portability
Lowest height point is 64”
Legs have a straight design for added stability
Measures 232” L X 116-1/2” W
Weighs around 50 pounds

The Outsunny coffee brown octagon shaped tent is perfect for formal and causal events. It will require 2-4 people to set up the tent due to its large size, but the fold up and pop up design makes it superbly easy. The overall construction is very durable and the thick Velcro attachment will ensure a secure fit, even on windy days.

Palm Springs 10’ X 20’ White Party Tent

If you are amid planning a wedding or family reunion, you will need to invest in a party tent. Well, the Palm Springs Gazebo may be exactly what you are looking for, because it is designed to offer a 90% UVR-free, cool, and dry shelter for up to 30 people. The tent comes with all the assembly hardware, so you can start utilizing it right out of the box.

Sidewalls and roof is constructed out of polyethylene
Holds 30 guests
Side panels have paned windows for easy viewing
Waterproof and 90% UVR protectant materials
Steel frame with powder coating for rust resistant protect
Extremely affordable
Easy assembly process

Overall, the Palm Springs Part Tent is designed to offer a safe shelter from Mother Nature’s elements. It will require several helpers to assemble the tent, but the process should take no longer than 15-25 minutes. Stakes and ropes are included in the package for additional stability on windy days.

Party Tents For Sale 10 x 10

EZ Pop Up Wedding Party Tent

If you’re looking for an outstanding party tent, which can be setup rapidly, you’ll definitely want to check out the EZ Pop Up. The tent is designed in a manner, which makes the assembly process quick and easy. Just get a few people together and have each person grab a side and begin stepping backwards. Within seconds, the tent will be extended and shelter will be provided. No tools are needed. The material is water proof and can block approximately 95% of all sun rays.

4 sidewalls with 2 windows
Blocks approximately 95% of all UV rays
Waterproof polyethylene cover
Steel frame is powder coated and will maintain its beauty
Assembly couldn’t be easier

The EZ Pop Up is just that. It pops up easily and can be taken down just as quick. Whether you’re hosting a wedding or just want a little shelter from the sun or rain, this party tent is a good solution!

ProSource Easy Pop Up Tent Instant Canopy

Many consumers will only utilize their tent once or twice, so spending excessively is not ideal. If you happen to fit into this category, you’ll want to look at the ProSource Easy Pop Up Tent. The tent is very affordable, but it still satisfies on many levels. The assembly process can be completed with just a few seconds and the disassembly process is just as easy. The cover provides protection from water, as well as UV rays. Despite not having any sides, this tent will still provide plenty of comfort and will block the sun’s rays sufficiently.

Very affordable
Setup process is quick and easy
Protects from water and UV rays
6’10” head clearance
Structure is very solid

Although the ProSource is lacking to some degree, it is still a worthwhile investment. In fact, it is the best option for those that will only utilize the product occasionally. If that is your intention, the ProSource Easy Pop Up cannot be ignored.

AmazonBasic Pop-Up Canopy Tent

There are many excellent canopy tents out there and the Amazon Basics 10’ x 10’ tent is undoubtedly one of the best. Despite its affordability, the tent is capable of surpassing many of its competitors in terms of quality and performance. First and foremost, the product features a cathedral style room, which provides the user with plenty of headroom. The legs are angled, so the shade provided is maximized to 96 square feet. The top material delivers 99% UV protection. For easier transportation, this tent comes with a wheeled bag.

Steel frame is superbly durable and easy to assemble
Provides 96 square feet of share
Top material block 99% of UV rays
Comes with a wheel bag for easy transportation
Steel frame resists rust and corrosion, while preventing chipping and peeling
Incredibly affordable and won’t break the bank

At the end of the day, the AmazonBasics Pop-Up Party Tent is one of the most affordable and durable tents on the market. It delivers in all key areas and won’t break the bank. Whether you’re holding a party or will be setting up a booth for your business, this tent will serve your needs excellently!

Party Tents For Sale Heavy Duty

Delta Canopies 32’ x 16’ Wedding Party Tent

The Delta Canopies Tent offers an array of features, which help to make the product a suitable option for almost all consumers. The top and wall materials are manufactured from polyethylene, so they’re all water resistant. The frame is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel. This tent also comes with 4 storage bags, which helps to make transporting the tent much easier. The material is also capable of providing you and your guests with UV protection, so they won’t have to worry about sunburn.

The frame resists corrosion and rust, so it’ll maintain its beauty for many years to come.

Comes with convenient storage bags
Water resistant and offers UV protection
Ideal for various situations, including residential and commercial use
Arched windows are beautiful
Steel is capable of resisting corrosion and rust
Instructions and care manual are included
Limited warranty

Overall, the Delta Canopies is an excellent party tent. It delivers in all key categories and offers enough space for most events. It is well ventilated and protects from water and UV rays. For the price, it will prove to be an excellent investment.

Abba Patio 10×20 ft Heavy Duty Outdoor Party Tent

The Abba Patio measures in at 10 by 20 foot, which gives it the ability to accommodate a large group of people easily. It also features two doors, which can be opened and closed within a matter of seconds. On a hot day, this can help to create cross ventilation, so your guests will be able to remain comfortable and cool inside. Each sidewall features three windows. This gives your guests the ability to see what they’re doing inside.

The tent’s exterior is capable of resisting water, while also offering protection from UV rays. The combination makes the tent perfect for rainy days and excessively hot afternoons.

Plenty of room for moderate sized groups
Can be installed on concrete or in the grass
Assembly is fast and easy thanks to the spring pin frame
Framework is solid
UV protection and water resistant
2 doors and 6 windows for plenty of ventilation

Truly, the Abba Patio is a great tent for numerous occasions. It is easy to assemble, won’t blow away, and offers plenty of space for everyone. If you need a good tent for an upcoming party or get together, this one is well worth considering.

Outsunny 32’ by 20’ Heavy Duty Outdoor Party Tent

If you’re looking for an outstanding tent, which is durable, well ventilated, and very versatile, you’ll definitely want to check out the Outsunny. This tent is truly great for an array of purposes, such as picnics, weddings and even vehicle storage. Some tent can transform into hot boxes on a hot day, but the Outsunny will not. It offers excellent ventilation and will keep everyone cool and comfortable. The tent is equally good in the rain. It features scalloped edges, which help to ensure that rainwater will run off and not result in a saggy ceiling.

Equipped with two removable sidewalls
Two doors for better ventilation
Scalloped edges make the tent good for rainy days
Steel frame is very durable
Spring pin frame makes assembly quick and easy
Cover and sidewalls are rot and water resistant
Great for all situations

The Outsunny might be a little bit costlier than some of the alternatives, but it truly delivers. It is great in all key categories and will keep your guests comfortable throughout the duration of the event.

What To Look For When Buying A Party Tent

Initially, you might believe that purchasing a party tent would be simplistic and uncomplicated. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In order to make sure that your tent is going to be able to accommodate your guests and withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way, you’ll need to carefully scour through an array of factors. For your consideration, you’ll find the most notable characteristics to consider below.

Size – The most important aspect of all is the size. If you fail to get the precise size that is needed, your guests will not be happy and some of them may be forced to eat, while being exposed to the sun. This cannot be tolerated. Carefully analyze your guest list and make sure you find a tent, which will be able to easily accommodate everyone.

Waterproof – It is also important to remember that Mother Nature can be totally unpredictable. The sun might be shining brightly one minute. The next, it could be down pouring and soaking wet. In order to prepare for any scenario, you’ll want a tent that is waterproof. This will help to avoid being forced to head back inside once the reception has started.

Included Hardware – What is included with the purchase? In order for a tent to be able to withstand a powerful wind gust, it should be staked to the ground. It is a good idea to make sure that all of the needed hardware and components are included with the purchase. If you fail to do so, you may end up being forced to make additional purchasing in the near future.

Framework – When it comes down to it, your tent is only going to be as sturdy as its framework. If the frames and legs are manufactured from plastic, you can bet the tent isn’t going to be stable and secure. Instead, you should opt for some type of heavy-duty metal. It is also a good idea to make sure that the metal is powder coated, so it can resist rust and corrosion.

Assembly And Disassembly – In all likelihood, your tent isn’t going to assemble and disassemble itself. Instead, you’ll need to put in the effort and do it yourself. Depending on your tent choice, this process may be incredibly tedious and complicated or it could be simple and quick. It is generally best to opt for a tent, which can be taken down and put up very easily.

Windows – Some tents feature windows on the side walls. This can be a nice addition and will allow those inside to enjoy the scenery, while being protected from the elements. Although not a necessity, most will want a tent that gives them the ability to look outside, while enjoy their party.

Price – Finally, you’ll want to look at the price tag. Leave this figure for last! Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra, since doing so will most likely help you acquire a better product overall.

Remember that the best tent for one individual might not be the best for you. With this in mind, you’ll want to scour through the factors above and figure out precisely what you need for your upcoming party. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a much better chance of securing a solid tent, which will serve you and your guests excellently.