How to Put Up a Party Tent?

Many are tempted by the idea of hosting their party at their own home. It’s especially true if it’s a birthday, graduation or anniversary party, as most of the guests may be very familiar with the place, so it may make them feel more comfortable.

There also seem to be many other reasons that may make you want to host the party at your own, such as significantly less expenses and less hassle as far as the arrangements are concerned. However, you may also want to make sure that the weather stays kind to you through the party, as you may end up regretting your decision otherwise.

As far as mild rains are concerned, however, a party tent may have you covered, perhaps better than shade tree 20 x 30you would be while hosting your party at some other location.

That being said, if the idea of hosting a party at your home appeals to you, you may want to learn how to put up a party tent to do so.

Choosing the right location

Apparently, many make the mistake of getting a party tent first and then looking for the right location. It’s supposed to be the other way round.

That being said, before buying or even renting a party tent, you may want to choose the area where you would be hosting the party. It would allow you to take the measurements of the area and choose the right-sized tent based on that.

Ideally, you would want the surface to be soft such as sand. Similarly, a surface that’s flat and not very uneven ensures that the tent would remain fairly stable.

Figuring out where to plant the poles

The next step would be to figure out where to plan the poles and stakes. A simple way of doing it is to simply lay out the tarp on the ground, and make sure that it’s outside part is facing up. You can then mark all the ends of the tarp by placing rocks.

Assembling the tent

The first step would be assembling the frame, which may seem a little challenging, but if you manage to follow the instructions properly, it may turn out to be just fine.

Basically, the assembly usually involves attaching the roof and the tent, and then attaching the legs to the frame.

The next step would be putting the tarp over the poles, and making sure it’s tight enough to not come off with strong winds.

Finally, you may want to tie the tarp with the stakes using the strings or straps that your tent may have come with. It just ensures additional protection against winds and ensures it won’t come off during the party.

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