Shade Tree 20’ X 30’ Heavy duty Party Canopy Review

A party tent can definitely come in handy on a hot, rainy, or muggy day. They can be utilized for nearly every aspect of an outdoor event, but in order to get the maximum benefits, you will need to invest in a high-quality brand. The Shade Tree party tent is designed to offer the comforts of an indoor shelter and can be placed on concrete, sand, dirt, or grass.

Assembly Process

The framework is constructed out of heavy duty steel and weighs a bit more than the thin metal used in other products. Each pole is equipped with a metal joint fitting, so you can slide them into place and create a secure fit in a matter of minutes. The joint fittings are embedded with spring-loaded locking balls that will click into place, when the poles are in the correct position.

The assembly does require 2-4 people to complete, but once it is fully assembled, it will offer a stable frame like no other. You will need to anchor the tent on windy or stormy days, but do not worry, because the ropes and stakes are included in the package.


The roof, sidewalls, and end walls are constructed our of durable polyethylene material that endure the test of time. This fabric is capable of blocking out 90% of the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays. It is also waterproof and weather resistance, so it will last for an extended period of time. The polyethylene fabric is 16 mils thick to ensure durability, even after many years of use.

Sidewalls And End Walls

The end walls (door pieces only) are equipped with zippers, so you can fasten them together or open them up, as you see fit. Just unzip the panels to allow the air to flow throughout the tent or zip it up to keep the environment warmer. The sidewalls are very stylish and capable of adding a bit of elegance to the overall style. Each panel is embedded with paned windows and lattice that replicates a cathedral or church.


Polyethylene material offers 90% UV protectant capabilities
Includes anchoring hardware for windy days.
End panels that are to be installed near the door are equipped with zippers
Vertical poles are equipped with a heavy duty steel foot
Waterproof and water resistance fabric
Capable of holding between 36-40 people comfortably
Sidewalls are embedded with translucent pane windows
Available in a variety of colors (white, red, silver, and etc.)


Comes in 4 separate boxes and requires a large trailer for transport
Weighs 250 pounds, which is slightly heavier than most of the competitor brands
Overall Assessment

If you are looking for a party tent that will last for decades, you should look no further than the Shade Tree 20’ X 30’. This tent is designed to offer the comforts of indoors and can be placed just about anywhere. The assembly process is a bit timely and strenuous, so be sure to ask for assistance from your family or friends. Once the tent is assembled, it will provide everyone with a nice environment for many hours.

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